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My Goals


The primary goal of is to open up additional opportunities for Québec cégep women’s basketball players to pursue their playing careers at the university level. The means of accomplishing that goal is to make universities and colleges across North America more aware of the wealth and diversity of women’s basketball talent here in Québec.

My secondary goal is to contribute to the growth and development of women’s basketball in the province by offering players, coaches and officials the benefit of my 25 years of university coaching experience.



About Coach Pruden


With over 30 years of coaching experience, Keith Pruden has coached at the junior high school, high school, provincial team and university levels in Canada and enjoyed success at each stage. His 25 seasons at the university level include 6 seasons as an assistant coach with the three-time national champion University of Winnipeg Wesmen and 19 seasons as the head coach at Concordia University in Montreal. Over the course of his career at Concordia, his teams made 16 playoff appearances, 7 appearances in the Quebec Conference Finals and won 3 Quebec championships. During his tenure, members of his team collected 10 national and All-Canadian awards, as well as numerous conference all-stars. Coach Pruden is now applying his accumulated experience in talent identification and development to the task of introducing universities across North America to the outstanding pool of talented athletes who play women’s basketball in Quebec.


“Having coached against Keith Pruden at the university level for countless years, he has always been known as an outstanding tactician, which is without question. Those that followed his career carefully also recognize that he has an uncanny sense of talent – somehow seeing talent(s) and/or flaws in players that often go unnoticed. If he is recommending a player or just providing a critique of the overall talent (or more importantly the potential), you can be sure that the information is what you absolutely need to know.”

Dave Wilson, Head Coach Queen’s University Women’s Basketball (retired), 1981-2019


“Coach Pruden has a wealth of experience as an elite coach and he knows what coaches at the college and university level look for in a person and a player. What I respect the most is his ability to determine which players will accept coaching and work extremely hard to reach their full potential as an athlete and, as a result, be a great fit for our Program. I know if Keith recommends a player to me, I am 100% confident she will help us.”

Jeff Speedy, Head Coach UNB Varsity Reds Women’s Basketball


“I had the pleasure of working with Coach Pruden over the course of 20 years at Concordia University. He approached every aspect of coaching his team with thorough preparation and keen attention to detail, traits which served his program well. He also had a knack for identifying talent that others might overlook and was able to bring some exceptionally talented athletes into the program. If you want an accurate, on-point assessment of the basketball talent in Québec cégeps, he can give it to you.”

John Dore, Head Coach Concordia University Men’s Basketball (retired), 1989-2015